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rd "%AppData%\Yahoo!\" /s /q rd "%ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\ Messenger \Cache\" /s /q rd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\" /s /q
Sometimes, we need crash logs to be able to help fix problems with Yahoo Messenger . Here's how to create and send them when requested by Yahoo Customer Care.
Before you start, be sure to leave any " Yahoo Messenger has stopped working" windows open. If you close them, the process will go away.
Issues that may be resolved by reinstalling your video driver Messenger stops responding Messenger crashes when trying to use my webcam Unable to use webcam or see webcam image in Messenger
Links to procedures to help resolve issues with Yahoo Messenger crashing or freezing, including the error messages: "Yahoo Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close"
Select Messenger Select My Webcam Select Messenger
4. When uninstall is complete, restart your computer. 5. Download and install the following software updates to optimize your computer's compatibility with Yahoo Messenger . 6. After installing these updates, restart your computer again, and then run Yahoo Messenger.
If You Have Problems... Sometimes Yahoo Messenger can freeze, crash , or incorrectly display information. This video can help you find the problem and correct it.
Verify the information below If another program has crashed for some reason, it might not have released your webcam successfully. Try closing all programs and restarting your computer.
Common errors resolved by these steps Yahoo Messenger crashing on Windows XP, Vista, or 7.