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Don't want your Messenger conversations to be archived with Conversation History? Its easy to turn it off.
If you have Conversation History turned on in Yahoo Messenger it keeps an archive record of your IM conversations. This video shows you how to see your archived IMs and how you can try to recover missing ones.
There is a corrupt or missing Yahoo Messenger install. log file, or a missing entry in "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" that is necessary to uninstall the application.
Learn how to print messages stored in your online archives .
Want to add your existing Messenger archive to your Yahoo Messenger 11 Conversation History? Just follow the steps below.
Conversation History is set as "on" by default - This allows you to have access to your past Messenger conversations.. View your Conversation History To get to your Conversation History in a flash:
Are you completely signing out of Messenger after each use? Staying logged in could give others access to your account.
To investigate reports of abuse, we must receive a copy of the transcript in order to complete a full investigation of abusive conversations. To send a transcript of a conversation, you must have messenger archiving enabled, and use the Report Abuse link from within the Instant Messenger window.
You'll still have access to all of your conversation history, even after you uninstall Yahoo Messenger. Learn how using our help article about Yahoo Messenger archives in Yahoo Mail .
Although your most recent Instant Messages will be immediately available to you in your conversation window, they may not be immediately available to you in your "Conversation History." On average, the archives of your conversations will become available to you approximately 30 minutes after your most recent Instant Message is sent.