Troubleshoot Yahoo Messenger sign-in problems

Troubleshoot Yahoo Messenger sign-in problems

Sign in to Yahoo Messenger 11.5

Open Yahoo Messenger There's more than one way to open the Yahoo Messenger application on your computer -- Here are the 3 most common: Click the Yahoo Messenger icon on your desktop.

Stopping automatic mobile phone sign in with Messenger

You can turn off the feature that automatically signs you in to your mobile device when you sign out of Messenger. To do this, you'll need to access the version of Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer.

Can't sign in to Yahoo Messenger

Trouble getting signed in can be as simple as a typo or recent change in your Yahoo ID or password, but sometimes it's more complex. Use these steps to troubleshoot and fix most problems.

Sign into Yahoo Messenger and Messenger in Mail at the same time

Sign in to Yahoo Messenger Open Yahoo Messenger Enter your "Yahoo ID" and "password."

Re-authenticate Yahoo Messenger to fix sign-in issues

If you've tried other fixes and still aren't able to sign in to Yahoo Messenger, you might need to re-authenticate your information. Re-authenticate your Yahoo Messenger Sign in to your account's Manage App and Website Connections page.

Quit Yahoo Messenger and let somebody else sign in

In the Yahoo Messenger sign In window, deselect Remember my ID & password -This will force Yahoo Messenger to request a Yahoo ID and password each time you start it. Select your Yahoo ID and password from the "Yahoo ID" and "Password" fields and press Delete

Can't sign in to Messenger with your new Yahoo password

If you change your Yahoo account password, Messenger will not automatically update it. Update Yahoo Messenger manually On the main Yahoo Messenger sign in screen, clear out your Yahoo ID:

Reset connection settings to fix sign-in issues in Yahoo Messenger

to save the Internet Properties. Reset the connection settings in Yahoo Messenger If you are signed in, click the Messenger

Sign in as invisible or stealth mode

Want to make yourself completely invisible on Yahoo Messenger ? Here's how: