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Webcams can be troublesome! The good news is that most webcams will work with Yahoo Messenger. You can follow the links to the articles with troubleshooting information for your specific image problem or go through the troubleshooting steps for advanced image display driver problems.
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Make sure the webcam lens is unobstructed, adjust the lighting if necessary, and then try accessing your webcam again.
If your webcam isn't working with Yahoo Messenger, watch this video to help identify and solve most common problems.
Get all the quick links to the Yahoo Messenger webcam troubleshooting articles in one place.
If you see a black screen where your webcam image should be, please try these troubleshooting steps: Make sure the webcam lens is unobstructed, adjust the lighting if necessary, then try accessing your webcam again.
When you're trying to make a video call and a program other than Yahoo Messenger has control of your webcam , you'll receive the "Camera in Use" error message. You can resolve this issue by closing all other programs that are currently running on your computer. Tip:
Basic webcam troubleshooting steps: External webcam unplugged:
If your webcam doesn't go back to normal after a few seconds, close the webcam window and reopen it, or have your contact re-invite you. If that still doesn't work, you may need to perform some troubleshooting for Yahoo Messenger . 500652
Change webcam settings If the webcam broadcast image is still upside-down, please follow the steps provided in the help article Troubleshooting procedures for issues with webcam or video .