Change profile photo in Yahoo Messenger

Update the picture that your contacts see when they chat with you.

Change, recover, or reset your Yahoo password

Having a strong password is critical to keeping your account safe. Learn how to change , reset , or find your Yahoo Account password.

Reset connection settings to fix sign-in issues in Yahoo Messenger

Reset the connection settings on your PC Hold down the Windows + R

Can I change the display image for one of my contacts?

Your display image is a key part your Yahoo Messenger identity, and everyone gets to pick one for themselves that best fits their personality. You can't change or update someone else's photo for them, but you can always send your friend a message if you think there's another one that works better. Want to change your own display image?

Fix unresponsive Yahoo apps

Learn how to fix problems with Yahoo apps by forcing an app reset on your mobile device.

Manage group settings in Yahoo Messenger

Learn how to update a group photo, change a group name, add members, and leave a group.

Enable or disable notifications in Yahoo Messenger

Get an alert when someone sends you a new message, or turn message notifications off. Learn how to change this setting in Yahoo Messenger.

Fix download errors in Google Play Store

If you're getting one of these errors when you try to install a Yahoo app from the Google Play Store, you might be running out of space on your phone or need to reset your Google Play Store settings.

Fix Yahoo Messenger sign-in problems

If your password didn't work - Use Sign-in Helper to reset your password. If your password did work:

Temporarily disable security programs

Disable your antivirus, antispyware, and firewall programs one at a time. Steps to disable software vary - Check with your security software's support website for current instructions.