Fix POP client sending and receiving issues

POP clients (like Outlook and Apple Mail) need a lot things to align perfectly in order for them to work with an email account. Use these steps to identify and fix the source of the problem.

POP access settings and instructions for Yahoo Mail

POP settings for Yahoo Mail Incoming Mail ( POP ) Server Server - Port - 995

How to keep or delete emails on the Mail server using Outlook Express client

This article explains how to configure the Outlook Express (ver. 6) POP3 client to keep or delete emails on the Yahoo Mail server.

Set Windows Live Mail for Windows 7 to keep emails on the Yahoo Mail server

Learn how to configure the Windows Live Mail POP3 client for Windows 7 to keep your downloaded Yahoo Mail messages in your Yahoo Mail account.

Duplicate emails appearing in Yahoo Mail

External POP accounts can pull extra copies of emails into your Yahoo Mail account. We have the steps to prevent this from happening.

New features for free Yahoo Mail

All Yahoo Mail accounts now offer these previously Mail Plus-only features: POP & Forwarding Disposable Addresses

Transfer email and contacts between accounts

If you need to move contacts and emails between Yahoo Mail and other email accounts, we have your options. Transfer email You can forward emails you want to transfer between Yahoo Mail and another email account or use POP to back up your emails to an external email client like Microsoft Outlook. Important -

Unread email messages showing as read

Message previously downloaded in Yahoo Mail account: The most common cause for this is that an external mail program (software- or hardware-based) has previously downloaded the affected message if you are using POP in your Yahoo Mail account. If you have POP set up, review this information:

Email incorrectly delivered to the Trash folder

to view the rules set for each filter. Determine if your filter rules need fixing . Check your POP and app settings If your POP client or mobile app is configured to delete mail from the server, messages will be delivered to the Trash. Review and adjust these settings to fix the problem.

Overview of the Yahoo Mail Trash folder

If incoming email is being delivered directly to your Trash folder, check your Yahoo Mail filters and your POP settings .