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Trouble sending or receiving email wizard

Not receiving mail, or not able to send mail? Use this wizard and follow these steps to check for the most common problems.

Differences between brief and full headers ... , you can obtain the true information ... ... @ 08/ 20 /97 ( ... : Wed, 20 Aug 1997 17 ... Received : from key ... ... (PST) Received : from tahiti ... ... @ 08/ 20 /97 ( ... Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 17:43:03 MDT Content-Length: ****
... senders and Yahoo Mail , we offer ... Yahoo Mail accepts a maximum of 20 messages per SMTP connection. We encourage you to cap the number of messages you send to Yahoo Mail to fall within this per-connection limit. ... If you are sending messages to a significant number of Yahoo Mail users, the suggestions below will help ensure uninterrupted delivery for your messages. Reestablish connections if you do not get an error code When our server terminates your connection after 20 messages have been accepted, you may try to reconnect to our MX servers immediately thereafter.
Check your network equipment to see if it's blocking the Yahoo POP and SMTP servers or ports . - Try a different outgoing port. Ask your ISP or network administrator if the modem or software you are using has a firewall feature that may block the mail ports.
To correct this problem , you should contact the system administrator of your mail server (usually "") and forward them a copy of the bounced email you received . Otherwise, you should call technical support and alert them of the problem.
The message header includes, but is not limited to: the sender, the subject, and the date. The MTA ( mail transport agent or server) received headers indicate the true time stamps. These are only visible when viewing the full headers.
If you're still receiving multiple spam messages, even after blocking an address, it is possible that the sender may have forged the message header information to give the impression that it came from a different email address. This makes it difficult for Yahoo to identify the spam as originating from one of your blocked addresses.
If you're receiving a "Temporary Error - An unexpected problem has occurred," while opening specific emails , don't worry. We're on it.
The message you attempted to send exhibited characteristics indicative of spam. Emails from your network have been generating complaints from Yahoo Mail users. This is a temporary error and your mail server may automatically re-try sending emails at a later time; however, we encourage you to examine your outbound queues to ensure that spammers aren't abusing your mail server.