View emails you received in another language

Are emails in another language not displaying properly? Don't worry, here's how to fix it.

Fix POP mail sending and receiving issues

The last thing anyone wants to see is an error or problem when trying to send or get their email . Use these steps to verify your settings are correct and get things working again.

What to do if you receive an email claiming to be from Yahoo

Learn what steps to take if you receive an email that is supposedly from Yahoo asking for password or personal information

How can I tell if my sent email was received or read?

If you send an email from Yahoo Mail and don't receive a failed delivery message, the email was delivered to your intended recipient's email system. But that doesn't guarantee the email was opened and/or read.

Why am I receiving "thanks for playing" emails from Yahoo Games?

Learn why you're receiving email from Yahoo Games and how to make sure it's a legitimate email sent by Yahoo.

Emails aren't received in Yahoo Mail

If you're not getting emails you expect, here are a few things to check. Common solutions Important:

Why do I receive emails not addressed to me?

There are a few reasons why you may receive emails that appear not to be addressed to you. You may either be a secondary recipient on this message, or the message is a spam message.

Received email about changed account information

If you received one of these messages, you can easily determine if it's a legitimate Yahoo communication and take action if you did not make the changes. Check that the email is a legitimate Yahoo communication Depending on the information changed, the message text may read: "The following email address [...] was added to your account..."

Receiving emails with the wrong date

The message header includes, but is not limited to: the sender, the subject, and the date. The MTA ( mail transport agent or server) received headers indicate the true time stamps. These are only visible when viewing the full headers.

Will an email still be delivered to Cc or Bcc contacts if I received a failure notice?

For example, if you sent an email to two contacts and received a single delivery failure notice in response, one of your contacts will have successfully received your message and one will have not. You will be able to determine the contact for which delivery failed by reviewing the contents of the delivery failure notice.