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This help article explains why some emails may appear to have a date in the past or future.
Are emails in another language not displaying properly? Don't worry, here's how to fix it.
If you're not seeing emails from your Yahoo Mail account in your mobile device's native mail client, or in Yahoo Mail on a mobile web browser, there are several things that can cause this.
Sending threatening or harassing emails using Yahoo Mail is a violation of our Terms . If you feel as though your physical safety or the safety of another person may be in jeopardy, we suggest that you contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. There are a few easy measures you can take to avoid viewing these kinds of messages:
Learn what steps to take if you receive an email that is supposedly from Yahoo asking for password or personal information
If you send an email from Yahoo Mail and don't receive a failed delivery message, the email was delivered to your intended recipient's email system. But that doesn't guarantee the email was opened and/or read.
Learn why you're receiving email from Yahoo Games and how to make sure it's a legitimate email sent by Yahoo.
You can easily unsubscribe from most types of emails Yahoo sends you, but there are a few exceptions. The only types of emails you can't opt out of are those containing important information that we must make sure you know about.
If you're not getting emails you expect, the cause could be as simple as a setting in Yahoo Mail or that the sender got your email address wrong. Here's how to make sure you receive the messages you're waiting for.
We’re working closely with partners, financial institutions and merchants to ensure they understand the security measures we are taking to prevent a new user from receiving email intended for the previous owner.