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Learn how to avoid risking your account security.
Learn why your contacts are receiving spam from your email address after you've recovered your Yahoo Mail account .
, Yahoo will ask you to provide extra verification when you sign in to prove it's your account . Then you'll be asked to change your password.
Reporting within Yahoo Mail Did you receive a suspicious email from a known contact? Report the account to Yahoo.
Review your account settings Security questions:
If you're sure you haven't sent a large number of emails over a short period of time, it's possible somebody else may be using your account to send mail. Protect yourself: Learn how to see if someone has accessed your account and what you can do to secure it by viewing our help article about securing hacked Yahoo accounts .
Stopping your account from sending spam For starters, your account has most likely been compromised . Here's what to do:
Here's what you need to know We send a notification regarding the security of your account when changes are made to your account , when our security system has been alerted that your account may have been compromised or when you or someone is trying to access the account from a different location, computer, mobile device, or ISP which the account is usually accessed from. Our system may detect this as unusual activity.
For more account protection tips, see: Safeguarding your Yahoo account . How an account can be compromised .
when changes are made to your account. If you believe your account has been compromised , immediately change your password to secure your account and verify no information has been changed .