Should I delete my contacts if my account was hacked?

No. If your friends are receiving spam that looks like it’s coming from your email account, but your account isn’t compromised

Secure a hacked Yahoo account

Yahoo takes account security seriously. No matter how strong your password is, scammers are always trying to find new ways to get your personal information. If you think someone else has accessed your Yahoo account , take the following actions to make sure your account is secure

How an account can be hacked

Clicking strange, suspicious links Malicious software installed on your computer. Get the full rundown on account security and learn how to safeguard your Yahoo account .

Hacked account sending spam after password change

Here's what you need to know if you've previously secured your account: Whoever hacked your account previously accessed your Yahoo Contacts list and sent your friends a spam email, most likely posing as you. You don't need to change your password every time you're alerted someone received spam from "you."

Report spam, hacked accounts, and phishing scams to Yahoo

Report email sent from a hacked account Did you receive a suspicious email from someone you know? Report the account without future email getting sent to your spam folder.

Protect your Yahoo account

It's important to keep your Yahoo account information private and make your account hard to hack . A strong password, up-to-date contact information, and good online habits help keep your account secure and make it easier to regain access if you get locked out.

Change Yahoo account language and location settings

Remove language If your account is ever hacked , your Yahoo Mail or other Yahoo pages may appear in another language. Don't worry, though, you can follow the same steps above to fix it.

Error: Account temporarily blocked from sending messages

If your sending habits don't follow the examples above, it's possible your account was hacked. Learn what settings to check, and how to correct them, in our help article about securing a hacked account .

My contact's Yahoo Mail account is sending spam

If you're receiving reports that one of your contact's Yahoo Mail accounts is sending spam after your account was compromised and re-secured, it's very possible your contact is being spoofed.

Manage email messages

Reply or forward Forward or reply to email messages Attachments Preview, download, or add attachments to emails Spam and other problems Report spam, hacked accounts , or phishing scams to Yahoo