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Received email about changed account information

If you believe your account has been compromised , immediately change your password

Why was I notified about account access attempts?

Here's what you need to know We send a notification regarding the security of your account when changes are made to your account, when our security system has been alerted that your account may have been compromised or when you or someone is trying to access the account from a different location, computer, mobile device, or ISP which the account is usually accessed from.

Password problem when importing contacts

Learn to resolve password and sign in problems that may occur while importing contacts into your Yahoo account from: A third party account or service Another Yahoo account

How to contact Telecom NZ

This article provides information on how to contact Telecom NZ customer service for questions related to password or login issues, abuse complaints or billing issues with accounts . Telecom NZ and Yahoo are committed to providing fast, efficient support for our customers. In order to get a new password or for any login issues, you will need to refer to the Forgot Xtra Password page.

Yahoo requesting your mobile number

Don't be alarmed! Yahoo recently sent an email to everyone without a mobile phone number on their account asking them to add one. Adding your mobile number to your account could save a lot of time and frustration later on because it provides you with:

Why am I being asked to provide a mobile phone number?

Learn why Yahoo prompts users to add a mobile phone number or alternate email address to their Yahoo account .

Differences between aliases and extra email addresses

Alias An alias is an extension of a Yahoo Account and is intended to mask the account's primary Yahoo ID. Generally, an account's primary Yahoo ID serves as the main prefix for the Yahoo Mail account with which it has been associated. If a primary Yahoo ID is used to communicate via a product like Yahoo Messenger or , it can expose the Yahoo Mail address associated with it.