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Stopping your account from sending spam For starters, your account has most likely been compromised . Here's what to do:
Restore contacts that don't appear in your "Deleted Contacts" list If contacts are missing because of a bug, or because your account was compromised , please go to the Yahoo Contacts Restore Form to request a Contacts restore, and we will do everything we can to restore your contacts. Before requesting our help, please note the following:
Yahoo uses CAPTCHA word verification to protect against spam or other unauthorized account access. If you're having problems seeing or getting past the code, we can help.
(trademarked by Carnegie Mellon University) is a word verification code which Yahoo uses to protect your account against spam or other unauthorized account access. By entering the code, you verify that you are a human and not a spam-sending computer.
All of your Yahoo Messenger contacts, groups, and Conversation History are stored on Yahoo servers, so you'll never lose them if you uninstall or upgrade the application.
If you think your Yahoo account is being used to send spam, and our basic account spam and compromise steps don't fix the problem, don't worry. We can still help.
This article describes how to transfer Yahoo Messenger contacts to another account , or import contacts to Yahoo Messenger from Yahoo Address Book or other applications. Transferring contacts to another account.
We're sorry to see you go, but if you've chosen to close your account we'll show you how. Important:
Has your account been closed, and you'd like to use it again? There's a possibility you can reactivate it. Review the steps below.
Getting help for someone else's Yahoo account To help another Yahoo user with their account , please have them contact us by submitting a help inquiry using the contact options available on Yahoo Help Central .