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Stopping your account from sending spam For starters, your account has most likely been compromised . Here's what to do:
All of your Yahoo Messenger contacts, groups, and Conversation History are stored on Yahoo servers, so you'll never lose them if you uninstall or upgrade the application.
We're sorry to see you go, but if you've chosen to close your account we'll show you how. Important:
If you think your Yahoo account is being used to send spam, and our basic account spam and compromise steps didn't fix the problem, don't worry. We can still help.
Connecting social networks to your Yahoo account is a great way to share your favorite content and personalize your experience. Connect social network accounts Connect a Twitter or Facebook account Sign in to Yahoo Profile .
This article describes how to transfer Yahoo Messenger contacts to another account , or import contacts to Yahoo Messenger from Yahoo Address Book or other applications. Transferring contacts to another account.
On a desktop or laptop computer, sign in to your Yahoo account . Confirm your Yahoo ID and complete the CAPTCHA verification. Select Reactivate
Need to help someone with their Yahoo account ? Learn why Yahoo must work directly with the account owner.
An alias is an extension of a Yahoo Account , intended to mask the account's primary Yahoo ID. It’s easy to delete an alias if you decide you don’t want to use one anymore. Deleting your Alias Access your Yahoo Account Information Page .
Are you signed out of your Yahoo account each time you close and reopen your browser, even though you've checked the "Keep me signed in option