Should I delete my contacts if my account was hacked?

No. If your friends are receiving spam that looks like it’s coming from your email account, but your account isn’t compromised

Received an SMS text message with a code to verify my mobile number

Why did I get a "Yahoo verification code"? If you're not trying to verify your new Yahoo account, then someone mistyped their own mobile number and it was your number instead. Should I be concerned?

Does Yahoo offer financial services?

What if you suspect fraud? If you think you are the victim of a fraud, Yahoo recommends that you contact your local law enforcement officials through a non-emergency number .

Secure a hacked Yahoo account

If you provided a credit card or bank account number to an unverified website or in an email message, you should contact your financial institution to report this as soon as possible. Keep yourself safe online: Visit our Safety Center

Ignore contacts not on Mobile

Below, find the steps to ignore someone who isn't on your Messenger List: Tap Menu on your device while you're signed into Yahoo Messenger.

Deleted Yahoo account still used as contact email

If your Yahoo account was recently deleted for inactivity, it's possible that some of your connections are still trying to get in touch with you at that email address. That correspondence won't reach you unless you let your contacts know and update your contact email address with your favorite companies.

My contact's Yahoo Mail account is sending spam

If you're receiving reports that one of your contact's Yahoo Mail accounts is sending spam after your account was compromised and re-secured, it's very possible your contact is being spoofed.

I think someone else has accessed my Yahoo account

I think someone else has accessed my Yahoo account

I received notice that someone is seeking my Yahoo account information. Why?

Did you receive a notice from Yahoo saying that someone is requesting information related to your account? If so, it means Yahoo Inc. received legal process (e.g., a subpoena or court order) requiring us to disclose information about your account.

How to contact Telecom NZ

To get a new password or for any login issues, you'll need to refer to the Forgot Xtra Password page. For abuse and other types of complaints, refer to the complaint page . For all other issues or concerns, reach Telecom NZ through their Contact Us page.