Should I delete my contacts if my account was hacked?

No. If your friends are receiving spam that looks like it’s coming from your email account, but your account isn’t compromised

Contact Yahoo Customer Support

Yahoo phone number - If you see a Yahoo customer service number posted online, it isn't Yahoo support . If you can't sign in to your Yahoo account, forgot your Yahoo Mail password, or have a question about a Yahoo product or service, Yahoo Help Central is your starting point for getting help from Yahoo.

Does Yahoo offer financial services?

What if you suspect fraud? If you think you are the victim of a fraud, Yahoo recommends that you contact your local law enforcement officials through a non-emergency number .

Received a text message with an Account Key from Yahoo

If you didn’t create a new account or make a change to your account, then someone else mistyped their own mobile number and used yours instead. Because of this extra step to verify the number , you know that a new account wasn’t registered using your number since you received this Account Key and not the person trying to register for the account.

Trouble registering a Yahoo ID

If the ID you're trying to create (such as " person") isn't available, try adding numbers to it or add an underscore (_) or dot (.) character. For example:

Yahoo customer service phone number

We know there are fake Yahoo contact numbers posted online, which is why it's important to be sure you're getting support from Yahoo Customer Care. We encourage you to use the support options here on Yahoo Help Central. These are verified Yahoo customer service options that will direct you to the best support path for your issue.

My contact's Yahoo Mail account is sending spam

If you're receiving reports that one of your contact's Yahoo Mail accounts is sending spam after your account was compromised and re-secured, it's very possible your contact is being spoofed.

Can I change the display image for one of my contacts?

Your display image is a key part your Yahoo Messenger identity, and everyone gets to pick one for themselves that best fits their personality. You can't change or update someone else's photo for them, but you can always send your friend a message if you think there's another one that works better. Want to change your own display image?

How to contact Telecom NZ

To get a new password or for any login issues, you'll need to refer to the Forgot Xtra Password page. For abuse and other types of complaints, refer to the complaint page . For all other issues or concerns, reach Telecom NZ through their Contact Us page.

Get help for a Yahoo account on someone else’s behalf

Need to help someone with their Yahoo account? Learn why Yahoo must work directly with the account owner.