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No. If your friends are receiving spam that looks like it’s coming from your email account, but your account isn’t compromised
Note: Yahoo's ability to accurately honor your choices relies on you providing up-to-date addresses and phone numbers in your account information so that we can add or remove this information from our marketing lists according to your Marketing Preferences . If you believe your information is no longer current, please edit it on your Account Information page .
Looking for AT&T contact information? We've got the AT&T customer service phone number and Web address for your AT&T or SBC Internet service questions.
Here's what you should know Why did I get a "Yahoo verification code"? If you're not trying to verify your new Yahoo account, then someone mistyped their own mobile number and it was your number instead. Should I be concerned?
SMS text message never arrives Contact your mobile carrier to see if they are blocking the SMS message.
Changing your primary alternate email address Take a moment to verify your alternate email address or mobile number to make it easier for us to contact you in the future.
Info for users who want to add their country code for their mobile phone number. When adding your mobile phone number to your contact information , there are digits "+1" and "+91" in our fields which may make updating this information confusing.
What if you suspect fraud? If you think you are the victim of a fraud, Yahoo recommends that you contact your local law enforcement officials through a non-emergency number . Note : For more info about fraud and to learn how to protect yourself, visit (choose your language in the upper-right of the homepage).
Verifying your alternate email address/mobile number allows you to use our automated password recovery wizard in the future. This is also where we'll get in touch with you if your account hits any snags.
For further questions regarding accessing the Internet, such as problems with your connection or what phone number to dial, please contact the ISP that you will be using from your location.