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You will need to sign in to your child's account to download any of the data. Go to the Account Termination page . - You may be asked to sign in again.
Visit the Terminating your Yahoo account page . Click here if you use your phone number to sign in.
Go to the " Terminating your Yahoo Account " page . Read the "Before continuing, please consider the following information" section. Confirm your password in the field provided.
We will NEVER share your home and work mailing address with your Connections unless you decide to do so. You can control who can see your Contact Information by visiting your Account Information page and following these steps: Click on your Security
You can enable OpenID to use your Yahoo account to sign in to hundreds of websites . Enabling your Yahoo account for OpenID Visit the Yahoo OpenID page.
If you recently registered for a new Yahoo account , it's possible that your new Yahoo email address had a previous owner who stopped using the account at least one year ago. If the previous owner provided this email address sometime in the past to set up services with a business such as Paypal or a utility company, the obsolete address may still be in the business's system. This could block you from setting up your own services with these businesses using your new address.
If your account is ever hacked, your Yahoo Mail or other Yahoo pages may appear in another language. Don't worry though, simply follow the steps below to fix it!
at the top of the any Yahoo page , you're ending your account session. You can then log in with a different Yahoo ID and password.
It is not currently possible to transfer an existing child ID to another parent account. If you'd like to have a child account associated with another Yahoo ID, we recommend that you create a new account for your child by visiting the Yahoo Account Registration page . You will need to sign in with your desired parent Yahoo ID and password.
Reasons your IP address may show a different location You've recently accessed your account from a different location. Someone else may have accessed your account.