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Account Termination

Think you want to close your account? Terminating your account will permanently delete your emails, Messenger archives, and prevent you from logging in to any other Yahoo! products.

Deleting a Yahoo child account You will need to sign in to your child's account to download any of the data. Go to the Account Termination page . - You may be asked to sign in again.
Removing your alternate email address/mobile number Go to your page .
Reporting a spoofed email -This IP address belongs to the sender's ISP. Conduct an IP lookup through a site like to find out which ISP provides the sender with Internet access. Contact the sender's ISP to report the email you think was spoofed.
If you recently registered for a new Yahoo account , it's possible that your new Yahoo email address had a previous owner who stopped using the account at least one year ago. If the previous owner provided this email address sometime in the past to set up services with a business such as Paypal or a utility company, the obsolete address may still be in the business's system. This could block you from setting up your own services with these businesses using your new address.
Deleted from within the account You have to enter a valid password from within your Account Info page to manually delete your account .
Effective July 1, 2013, the Federal Trade Commission has changed their Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule (English only). In order to continue to let your child use our products and services, we need your permission. After reviewing the consent page , you can either give consent for your child to keep their account or you can close your child's account .
Visit the Terminating your Yahoo account page . Read through the "Before continuing, please consider the following information" section. Confirm your password in the field provided.
This article explains how to manage the permissions granted to external applications or third party websites. You can remove permissions to access to your Yahoo Account from any external application or website Mobile Device, Desktop Computer Mail Client, Third party services, etc... connections by managing permissions from the Manage App and Website Connections section of the Account Information page.
Removing an alternate email address Sign in to your Yahoo Account Information page . Under "Sign-In and Security," Click Update password-reset info Click Delete