Cancel your Flickr Pro subscription

Want a break from Flickr Pro ? Cancel your subscription to stop the automatic renewal process.

Reasons to upgrade to Flickr Pro

Find out the advantages of signing up for a Flickr Pro subscription and how to do it.

What happens when you change your Flickr Pro renewal frequency?

You can change your Flickr Pro automatic renewal terms to increase or decrease the billing frequency. Here's what happens when you do.

About Flickr Pro automatic renewal

Never miss a payment again! Flickr Pro now automatically renews your subscription through a recurring payment method, which helps prevent a loss of service for you.

Stats for Flickr Pro members only

If you have a free account, scroll below your photo to see the total number of views, faves, and comments it has. For a detailed breakdown and analysis of your Stats, sign up for Flickr Pro .

Get rid of ads on Flickr caused by malware or adware

Flickr Pro includes ad-free browsing. If you're seeing ads and you have a Flickr Pro subscription, then there's malware or adware in your browser forcing their ads to appear.

Use Flickr Wallet to manage billing options

Flickr Wallet allows you access to billing details for Flickr Pro and creations (Wall Art and Photo Books) in one place. Discover how to access, manage, and keep track of all Flickr payment details.

About the Flickr Uploadr for Windows

Pro -only - Uploadr on desktop is only available for Flickr Pro accounts .

About the Flickr Uploadr for Mac

Pro -only - Uploadr on desktop is only available for Flickr Pro accounts .

Flickr upload requirements

OGV Pro tip - Use Moviemaker (PC) or iMovie (Mac) to export files that Flickr can support.