Change your privacy settings

Set the default privacy for new content Pick the default privacy settings that are applied to all of your new photo and video uploads. Sign in to the Flickr privacy page . Choose your privacy settings.

Change privacy settings in the Flickr app

Tap one or more photos or videos. Tap the Privacy icon Tap your new setting to apply it.

Someone can't see my photos

Photos visibility is defined by two factors - privacy and safety level. Here's how it works.

Options available when a Yahoo Account owner passes away

We know that dealing with the loss of a relative is very difficult. To protect the privacy of your loved one, it is our policy to honor the initial agreement that they made with us, even in the event of their passing.

View images with the Photostream

Photostream provides a comprehensive view of a Flickr member’s library. Others can only bask in the visual history of your Photostream if your Privacy Settings are Public .

Make a public Flickr group private

Public Flickr groups can be found by anyone on Flickr and are listed on members' pages, while private Flickr groups aren't listed anywhere on the site and are invite-only. If you're looking for some privacy , it's easy for a group admin to make their group private.

Who can download my photos in Flickr?

Can I prevent others from downloading my photos? Change your photo's privacy from public to private. Learn how to make your photos private .

Add, edit, or delete comments and notes on Flickr

- Update your privacy settings so others can comment or add notes to your photos. Trouble posting on someone else's image? It’s likely due to their privacy settings.

Enable or disable mobile device location services

Tap Reset Tap Reset Location & Privacy - The "Reset Settings" window appears.

What is NIPSA?

Unhide your account from public searches Go to your Flickr account privacy settings . Click Edit