Download photos in Flickr

Click the Download icon Click the size that you want to download it. Mouse over an album or open it.

Embed your Flickr photos or videos on a blog

Click Embed Pick a size and options you want to display. Copy the code, then click the X

Who can download my photos in Flickr?

Discourage downloading Here are some actions you can take to discourage others from downloading your photos, but remember, by "discourage," we do mean simply "discourage." Limit the size of the image you want others to have access to .

Get the URL of a Flickr photo

Click View all sizes Select the size of photo you want. Right-click the image | select Copy image URL

Search Flickr to find photos, people, or groups

- Pick from portrait, landscape, square, and panorama. Minimum size - Pick the smallest size you want to see.

Share Flickr photos on other websites

Copy the image or get a direct URL to it When you access the available sizes page, you can copy the image or get a direct URL for the image. Access all available sizes for a photo : Click a photo to open it.

Flickr upload requirements

- Your original, uncompressed image is saved to Flickr, along with alternate photo sizes . Learn how you can access all of the available sizes for uploaded images .

Create Flickr Wall Art

Select your desired size. - Some sizes may not be available due to low resolution photos . Click Done

Low quality warnings and errors

20" x 30" - 1725px x 2475px Photo Mount minimum pixel size 8" x 10" - 800px x 1000px

Access the original image

Open any photo you like. ... Click View all sizes ... A photo's owner can disable access to the original in their settings.