FAQ: Keep your Flickr photos and videos organized

Learn how to easily manage all of your content in Flickr.

Download videos in Flickr

As long as the owner allows it, you can download any cool videos you see on Flickr (including your own)! Download a video Click on a video to open it.

Delete photos or videos in Flickr

It's easy to delete photos and videos from your Flickr account. Are you sure? Back up your media because deleted content can't be restored.

Upload photos and videos to Flickr

Learn how to show your photos and videos off by uploading them to your Flickr account.

Fix video and interactive feature problems

A slow Internet connection or an outdated version of Adobe Flash Player can cause problems with videos , or interactive features like games on Yahoo. Following the steps below will help you update Adobe Flash Player, and make sure you have a strong Internet connection.

Why other sites can use your Flickr photos or videos

Seeing your photos or videos on sites outside of Flickr? Understand why this happens and how to prevent it.

Delete photos and videos in the Flickr app

Are you sure? Photos and videos delete from Flickr can't be recovered. Delete content with the Camera Roll Android

Upload photos and videos in the Flickr app

- Turn flash on or off. - Switch to video mode. - Switch to photo mode.

Share or save photos and videos in the Flickr app

Share or save 1 item Android Tap a photo or video to open it. Tap the Share icon

Embed your Flickr photos or videos on a blog

Use the code in your website post. Embed 1 photo or video Click on a photo or video to open it.