Leave a Flickr group

Getting bored of a group you're following on Flickr? Leave the group to declutter your group's list.

Flickr group administration options

Group administrators can update the group's look, adjust its settings, and manage its members.

Delete a Flickr group

Whether you created a group by mistake or find that you no longer want it any more, you can delete any group you administer. The only catch is that you have to be the last member of the group to delete it.

Join a Flickr group

Flickr groups are a great way to get connected, get your photos seen, and checkout some cool images. Use the powerful Flickr search to find something you're interested in, then join up! Click into the Search Bar at the top of Flickr.

Get started with Flickr groups

Learn how the ins and outs of joining, interacting with, and administering a Flickr group .

Invite friends to your Flickr group

Learn how to ask someone to join your Flickr group .

Make a public Flickr group private

Learn how to change a Flickr group from being public to private.

Create a Flickr Group

Mouse over You | select Groups Click Create Group

Add or remove photos in Flickr groups

Bring your individuality to the group’s photo pool by contributing your own images. Add your photo to a group If you add private photos to a group, fellow members can still see, comment on, and tag them. Click on any photo from your photostream.

Change the safety level of your Flickr group

Every group has a different intended audience. What's yours? You get to pick the kind of photos your group pool will showcase and what your members can add.