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To begin using SSL , you will first need to create a new subdirectory (or folder) in your site. Into this folder you can place any pages you want to protect with SSL.
When you visit an SSL -protected page in your site, you’ll be redirected to a shared server that includes your assigned server name plus your own domain Don't worry!:
If you have a Yahoo Web Hosting or a Yahoo Merchant Solutions account, you can set up SSL on your website using 256-bit encryption, the industry standard. Learn how to set up SSL.
Direct your form results to a secure page or script contained in your SSL directory. Find and specify your "form action tags" using an option that looks like this: <form method="post" action=
You may receive a security warning or a broken lock icon when viewing an SSL secured page if it's referencing any file from outside the " ssl " subdirectory in your File Manager.
Yahoo is committed to your online security. SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) is an industry standard for encrypting private data sent over the Internet. In other words, it helps protect your account from hackers and insures the security of private data sent over the Internet, like credit cards and passwords.
Yahoo now submits your ID and password securely via SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) encryption. This means that your personal information is more secure every time you sign in.
You have activated SSL , and you are attempting to access content that was not delivered with SSL encryption.
PayPal protects its payment pages (including data from both you and your customers) with SSL technology . If you added your own logo to the PayPal payment page when you created your Buy Now Button, and your logo image is located in a directory not protected by SSL, your customer's browser will likely display a message warning that some elements in the PayPal payment page are insecure.
Signing up for a security key is restricted to secure servers that are only accessible via an Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ) connection on a domain.