Interested in changing your Yahoo password?


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Disable ad blocking software to change your password

Find out how to disable your pop-up blocker so that you can change your password .

Change your Yahoo password

One of the best things you can do to protect your Yahoo account is to change your password from time to time. It's easy to do, as this quick video shows.

Reasons Yahoo asks you to change your password

So that your personal info stays as secure as possible, you’ll be asked to change your password when you’re signing in if we’ve noticed any unusual activity on your account lately. Ways to review and protect your account Check your Recent Login Activity page .

How do I change my Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy password?

Learn how to reset your Yahoo Account password to restore your access to Daily Fantasy.

Use the SMS text message code to reset your password

Generate the code . Reset your password using the verification code Go to the Password Helper .

Hacked account sending spam after password change

If your Yahoo Mail account was previously hacked and you've changed your password , but are still being told by your contacts they're receiving spam emails from your account, "spoofing" is most likely the cause.

Reset your Commerce Central password

If you've forgotten your Yahoo Commerce Central password, we'll help you reset it. Go to the Yahoo Commerce Central password reset form . Enter your store URL (for example,

How can I reset my mailbox password?

Your mailbox password is required to access your email account using MailSender or a POP email client. You can reset this password from the Manage Email

Reset WordPress password

Sign in to phpMyAdmin with the user name and password you created. Reset your WordPress password in phpMyAdmin . Having trouble in phpMyAdmin?

Change your password

- The Account info page displays. Click Change Password In the field under "New Password," enter your new password.