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Change or reset your Yahoo password

Click Account Security | Change password Enter and confirm your new password, then click Continue

Contact Apple Support

Other Apple hardware and software problems Having issues after changing your Yahoo password ? Learn how to troubleshoot iOS password issues

Reactivate a Yahoo account

If you think someone else deleted your account, we recommend changing your password make sure your account's secure. Tip: Learn more about how to protect your account at the Safety Center .

Support from Yahoo is always free of charge

Charge you to assist you in any way ( reset your password , provide technical support, or address abuse or account security concerns). Request to remotely connect

Fix problems with iOS apps

Next steps If you recently changed your password or have second sign-in verification enabled you may need to update your settings. When you update your password it forces the app to create a new connection to your Yahoo account.

Yahoo Messenger sends messages automatically

Click the Change your password link

Edit Contact Details in Yahoo Messenger for iPhone

It's easy to change a contact's information on your Yahoo Messenger iPhone app. Sign in to "Yahoo Messenger for iPhone." Tap Contacts

Can I change the display image for one of my contacts?

Your display image is a key part your Yahoo Messenger identity, and everyone gets to pick one for themselves that best fits their personality. You can't change or update someone else's photo for them, but you can always send your friend a message if you think there's another one that works better. Want to change your own display image?

Fix unresponsive Yahoo apps

Learn how to fix problems with Yahoo apps by forcing an app reset on your mobile device.