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Ignore Yahoo Messenger contacts

Ignore Yahoo Messenger contacts

Ignore contacts not on Mobile

Below, find the steps to ignore someone who isn't on your Messenger List: Tap Menu on your device while you're signed into Yahoo Messenger.

Block an unwanted contact in Yahoo Messenger Mobile

If you'd like to stop somebody from contacting you, you can add them to your " Blocked users" list. That way, you'll always appear offline to them, and they'll never be able to send you messages or see your status.

Remove a contact from ignore list using a mobile device

Want to take someone off of your ignore list using your Yahoo Messenger app? Here's how:

Delete and ignore an unwanted contact in Yahoo Messenger

Don't want to be bothered by unwanted contacts? Here's how to block them:

Remove someone from your Ignore List

From the list on the left, click Ignore List Select the contact you'd like to remove from the Ignore List. Click Remove

Unblock contacts from your Yahoo Messenger app

Want to edit your ignore list in order to remove people that you'd like to hear from? Here's how: