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menu. Tap Edit Ignore List Add the Yahoo ID of the person you wish to ignore, and tap Ignore
You don't want your contacts bothering you? We'll show you how to block them.
You can block someone from contacting the Yahoo Messenger feature in your Yahoo Mail account. Here are a couple of options for saying "no thanks" to those unwanted messages.
Select Edit Ignore List Type the Yahoo ID to be blocked . Click Ignore
Under "Go to...," click Settings Under "Settings," click Edit Ignore List Select the contacts who you want to remove from your Ignore List and click Remove
To ignore someone who is not on your Messenger List: Tap the menu button on your device while you are signed into Yahoo Messenger. Tap the Options
Learn how you can permanently ignore people you never want to communicate with. If you get spam or an unwanted message you can just put them on your Ignore list.
After you've removed someone from your Ignore List, you can add the person as a contact in your Yahoo Messenger List by following the instructions in our help article about adding contacts Yahoo Messenger . 620363
. Messages from all non-contacts will now be ignored. Ignoring people will not block incoming "add to contact list " requests. Deleted and ignored contacts won't be notified that they have been deleted or ignored.
Please make sure that no one has placed anyone else on their Ignore List. To check for this, you and everyone you're having trouble communicating with will need to follow these steps: