Block a contact in Yahoo Messenger

If you receive a threatening, harassing, abusive, or otherwise unwanted message from someone, you can stop the person from contacting you. Before you block someone , you should know that:

Unblock a contact in Yahoo Messenger

Blocked contacts can't send you messages. Here's how to unblock someone.

Accept or block an invitation in Yahoo Messenger

the invitation. If you don't know the person or don't want to chat with them, block

Add a contact in Yahoo Messenger

Your new contact will receive an invitation to chat. You won't be notified when they accept or block your invitation. However, if you receive a message back from them, it means they've accepted.

Report abuse or spam in Yahoo Messenger

Report unwanted messages to Yahoo, and block a person from contacting you.

Receiving chat messages in Yahoo Mail

Just like spam messages can be sent through email, it's also possible to get unwanted chat messages in your Yahoo Mail account. Learn how to block someone from sending you chat messages .

Clear conversation history in Yahoo Messenger

You can send a message to the person later, but you won't have access to past messages. Clearing a conversation doesn't block someone from contacting you. If you still want to clear a conversation, here's how:

Fix blocked scripts on Yahoo

Web browser add-ons and security programs can sometimes mistake a Yahoo script for an unwanted script and block it, preventing Yahoo features from working correctly. Allow Yahoo scripts Turn on JavaScript .

Temporarily disable security programs

In rare cases, antivirus, antispyware, and firewall programs can block scripts or features that are essential to Yahoo pages. If you're having trouble using interactive features in Yahoo products, temporarily disable these programs to see if they're the cause.

Fix JavaScript browser issues

- You could have a browser extension installed that's blocking it. Disable extensions you don't trust.