Ignore Yahoo Messenger contacts

Ignore Yahoo Messenger contacts

Block a contact in Yahoo Messenger

If you receive a threatening, harassing, abusive, or otherwise unwanted message from someone, you can stop the person from contacting you. Before you block someone , you should know that:

Remove someone from your Ignore List

Want to re-open lines of communication with someone on your Ignore List? You can easily remove them so that they can send you messages again.Here's how:

Delete and ignore an unwanted contact in Yahoo Messenger

To ignore someone - Click Add -The contact will be added to your Ignore List.

Unblock a contact in Yahoo Messenger

Blocking a contact prevents the person from messaging you and seeing when you're signed in to Yahoo Messenger. Follow these steps to unblock a contact:

Unblock a contact in Yahoo Messenger

Blocked contacts can't send you messages. Here's how to unblock someone.

Blocked from sending more text messages

Your contact's mobile device must be reset before they can receive additional text messages. Your contact needs to create new, separate text messages containing just the words:

Contacts show as offline when they are online

Remove contact from Ignore List You'll need to ask your contact if they use any aliases, and if so, what those aliases are. Your contact can see a list of their aliases on the Manage Your Yahoo Identities page. Remove this contact's Yahoo ID -- or any of their aliases -- from your ignore list .

Instant messages not delivered to non-contacts

Learn that the recipient may have their preferences configured to ignore messages from people not in their contact list .

Accept or block an invitation in Yahoo Messenger

the invitation. If you don't know the person or don't want to chat with them, block