Secure a hacked Yahoo account

It's also a good idea to review how to tell if your account has been hacked . Update your security information Change your password Change your password immediately

Hacked account sending spam after password change

"Email spoofing" occurs when someone sends an email posing as you, but from an account other than yours. However, this doesn't mean your account has been hacked again.

Signs of a hacked account and what to do

- If you don't have access to your account, use the Sign-in Helper to get back in. Signs your account has been hacked Changes have been made to your account information.

My contact's Yahoo Mail account is sending spam

Your contact would experience "email spoofing" if someone has sent an email posing as them, but from an account other than theirs. However, this doesn't mean their account has been hacked .

My contacts are receiving spam from me that I didn't send

How did someone get my contact list? Contacts are an essential part of any email account and can be impacted if the account has been hacked . Learn multiple ways that an email account can be hacked .

Should I delete my contacts if my account was hacked?

No. If your friends are receiving spam that looks like it’s coming from your email account, but your account isn’t compromised

How an account can be hacked

Clicking strange, suspicious links Malicious software installed on your computer. Get the full rundown on account security and learn how to safeguard your Yahoo account .

Account is repeatedly locked as compromised

You're using software like "Anonymizer Universal" to protect your online identity. You'll need to disable it before accessing your Yahoo account . Tip:

Reset your Yahoo account language

Was your language changed because your account was hacked ? Learn how to change it back.

Safeguard your Yahoo account

It's important to keep your Yahoo account information private and make your account hard to hack . A strong password, up-to-date contact information, and good online habits help keep your account secure and make it easier to regain access if you get locked out.