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Get all the quick links to the Yahoo Messenger webcam troubleshooting articles in one place.
Basic webcam troubleshooting steps: External webcam unplugged: Check to see if your external webcam was accidentally unplugged from your computer.
Learn how to troubleshoot a black screen when trying to use your webcam in Yahoo Messenger.
Webcam not found or not connected: Troubleshooting webcam not found errors . Webcam specifications:
If you only see Microsoft WDM in your webcam source, this may mean that your webcam is not activated. In this case we recommend reinstalling the webcam drivers, please see our Troubleshooting image issues for webcam and video calling article.
Watch this video for help if you're having problems signing in to your Yahoo Messenger account. Troubleshoot Yahoo Messenger webcam problems If your webcam isn't working with Yahoo Messenger, watch this video to help identify and solve most common problems.
Learn how to fix or resolve echoes in Yahoo Messenger.
Uninstall and reinstall runtime components:
This article provides procedures which can be very helpful in resolving a variety of issues with the Voice Call and Video Call features in the Yahoo Messenger for Android app, including no Voice or Video icon on the Home Screen.