Yahoo Help Community guidelines

In the Yahoo Help Community forums, you can seek help, ask product questions, and reply to questions from the community. Like any other community, we ask that you and other members follow some rules to keep things running smoothly.

The first thing you should know is that all activity in the Yahoo Help Community forums is subject to the Yahoo Community Guidelines. If you aren't sure what sorts of comments might be off-limits, you should read the Terms (updated).

Below are some basic principles to keep in mind:


Be polite

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Something that seems obvious to you might be new to someone else, so be patient and constructive.

Keep the community clean

  • Spot an inappropriate question or reply? Report your concern and we'll take whatever action we deem appropriate.

Mark replies as an accepted solution, or give kudos as helpful or solved

  • After you post a topic as a 'Question', you can mark any replies to your question as an 'Accepted Solution' or give the reply kudos.
    • Let everyone know which answers are the best, and give credit and appreciation to those who take the time to help you!

Protect yourself

  • Don't post personal or confidential information about yourself or others
  • Some answers may be incorrect and it's your responsibility to think before you take someone's advice.

Make your point clearly

Provide as much detail and background as possible to attract better answers. 

  • Include useful information like the product, version, and platform you're using (i.e. (Windows PC, Mac, mobile phone, etc.) in addition to the exact steps you took and the result.
  • The same goes for replies you give to someone else's questions -- always include helpful details.


Don't be rude

  • Don't take out frustrations on other members of the community.
  • Profanity, aggressive or insulting language, personal attacks and other offensive behavior aren't welcome.
  • Don't do things that might annoy, irritate or otherwise upset others.

No spam

  • Don't advertise or post links to advertisements and promotions.
  • Don't try to sell things or post links to things for sale.