Yahoo Groups emails incorrectly marked as spam

Your email client automatically determines what to mark as spam, but you can help it learn that emails from Yahoo Groups are ok by setting up email filters to deliver group emails to specific folders.

Example email filters

  1. If the subject of an email contains , move it to the Inbox.
  2. If the recipient name includes "," move it to the Inbox.
    Note: In both cases, replace "GROUPNAME" with your group's name.

The first filter works because all group emails include the group's name in the "Subject" field. The second filter works because the email is being sent to your group's email list address.

Setting up email filters

  • If you use Yahoo Mail, see our help article about setting up email filters in Yahoo Mail.
  • If you use another email client, consult your client's support site as steps for setting up filters as steps vary greatly between clients and services.

Also, always be sure to click your email client's "Not spam" button after reading messages that are delivered to your spam folder so that future group messages are delivered to your Inbox.