Sort, search, and print tables

To begin, you'll need to view the table you'd like to work with:

  1. On your group's main page, click Database.
    • If you don't see "Database", click More | Database.
  2. Click a table.

Sorting a table

While viewing a table, click a column header to sort by that column header, alphabetically. Click the same column header again to reverse the sort.

  You can adjust how compact the table displays:

  • For a compact view, select Actions | Slim.
  • For a spaced view, select Actions | Relaxed.

Searching in a table

While viewing a table, enter a search term in the "Search this table" box and click the Search icon Magnifying glass.

  Tip - The table search is case-sensitive.

Printing a table

  1. While viewing a table, click Actions | Print table.
    - The table opens as a new tab in your Web browser.
  2. Print the page from your Web browser, using your browser's built-in print functionality.

  Sorted tables print sorted! If you sorted your table just before printing, the printed table will be sorted. To change this, you'll need to re-sort your table and go through the steps to print again.