Manage moderator settings in Yahoo Groups

If you're a group owner or moderator with privileges to change group settings, there are multiple settings available for privacy and membership approval in your group. Just click Management | Control Panel to adjust any of these options:

  • Group Settings—Change privacy settings, joining and viewing settings, photomatic settings, email preferences, and how attachments are distributed:
    • Plain Text
    • HTML - No Attachments
    • HTML - Include Attachments as Links
    • HTML - Include Attachments in Email
  • Access Control—Control who can access your group's features and customize each feature's access level.
  • Moderation—Control how messages and photos are moderated.
  • Email Template—Control the subject prefix and footer for email sent to members.
  • Notifications—Create or modify automatic notifications sent to members.
  • About Group—Change your group's title, web address, description, and category.