Size and storage limits for photos and files

You can store a lot of data in a group, but there's a limit to how much.


  • 100GB total storage limit
  • 5MB size limit per photo
  • Everything posted on the "Photos" page counts towards the 100GB limit.
  • Depending on the size/resolution of your individual photos, you can store up to several thousand images in your group.

Files and Attachments

  • 100MB total storage limit
  • 5MB size limit per file or attachment
  • Everything posted on the "Files" or "Attachments" pages counts towards the 100MB limit.
  • If you exceed the maximum storage limits for either of these features and still want to add more content, you'll need to delete existing items to make room for new ones.

  Note: As an alternative, you can also use the "Links" feature to point to files/photos stored on locations outside of your group on a separate webpage.