Yahoo Groups will no longer allow users to upload content - Understand what's changing in Yahoo Groups, when the changes happen, and how to keep your important content.
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Overview of Yahoo Groups

Whether you want to coordinate with the other parents on your kids' soccer team or join a book club, Yahoo Groups is a great place to connect with people from all over the globe.

Share and view photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Group photos allow you to share and view topic-specific albums from fellow members. Settings let you to moderate who can add to your collection.

Photos page

Create and vote in polls

Polls are a great way to survey the opinions of your fellow group members. Ask anything and get results in real time! If you want to protect members privacy, hide voter identity through the poll settings.

A poll

Create and view group events

We know life's busy so stay organized when it comes to planning events. Coordinate meet-ups and to-dos with the rest of your group using the community calendar.

Events calendar

Create and participate in conversations

Express yourself! Post, view, or participate in conversations open to all group members.

Conversations page

Share files, links, databases, and attachments

Instantly upload files and share links with the rest of your group. Create phonebooks, inventory lists, music libraries, and more through collaborative database templates.