Control access to group features

Group owners and moderators have the ability to restrict access to certain features of their group (Conversations, Photos, Events, Polls, Files, Members, Database, and Links) in the "Control Panel."

"Access Control" options

  1. On the group's main page, click ManagementControl Panel.
  2. Click Access Control.
  3. Next to each feature, select your access permissions:
    1. Members: Members can view and edit
    2. Limited: Members can view, but only moderators can view and edit.
    3. Moderators Only: Members cannot view, only moderators can view and edit.
    4. Off: Feature disabled for all members and moderators.
  4. Click Save.

Note: If you're a moderator and don't have access to the "Control Panel" section, you can request access by contacting the group owner.