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Why am I still asked to sign in after checking the "Keep Me Signed In" box?

Yahoo account and Web browser settings, as well as how you're accessing your account, can prompt Yahoo to ask you to sign in again.

Reasons why you may be asked to sign in to Yahoo again

  • Clicking "Sign Out" -- You may have accidentally clicked Sign Out.
  • Visiting the Account Info page -- For your security, we always prompt you for your password when you access sensitive information.
  • Changing your sign-in settings in Account Info -- This can reset the amount of time before Yahoo asks you to re-enter your password.
    - Learn how to change how often you're required to sign-in.
  • Using browser extensions and/or security software that clears cookies automatically -- This can cause you to have to sign in again when you re-open your browser.
    • To use the "Keep me signed in" setting, you'll need to disable or uninstall security programs that clear sign-in cookies each time you close your browser.
      - Learn how to temporarily turn off anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall products.
    • Another option is to modify their settings to prevent them from deleting cookies for the "" domain.
      - For information about modifying these settings, we recommend referring to the product's help file.
  • Manually clearing cookies from your computer -- Removes the cookies that keep you signed in to Yahoo.

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