Unable to subscribe with certain email addresses

Having trouble signing up for a group with a specific email address? There are some email addresses that can't be used for membership.

Prohibited email addresses

"Role," "group," or "list" email addresses can't be used to subscribe to Yahoo Groups because they are not owned by an individual.

In many organizations, multiple people receive messages sent to these email addresses. If one person in the organization subscribes with their organizations email address, everyone else will receive group emails, even if they don't want them.

Also, unsubscribing via email doesn't usually work for these kinds of addresses since mail isn't sent from the "group" or "list," but from an individual's email address.

If you would like to share a group with your organization, feel free to share the group's web address with your organization so that people may sign up individually.

Example role address prefixes

  • info
  • admin
  • webmaster
  • sales
  • support

Example group/list email addresses

  • yahoogroups.com
  • googlegroups.com
  • topica.com