Not receiving emails from Yahoo Groups

Experiencing long delays in receiving emails or not getting them at all? There are a few reasons why this can happen.

Common reasons

In general, messages sent from Yahoo Groups are delivered within minutes. Occasionally, you may experience delays due to one or more of the following factors:

  • High volumes of Internet traffic.
  • Problems or backlogs with your email provider's email delivery systems.
  • Problems or backlogs with Yahoo Groups email delivery systems.

Keep in mind: In groups where messages are moderated, messages are held in pending status until they are approved by a group moderator.

Has there been any recent group activity?

If you’re not receiving messages from your Yahoo group -- even accounting for a possible delay -- check your group's "Conversations" section to see if there have actually been messages sent recently. A lull in group activity is sometimes misleading and is sometimes mistaken for a problem receiving emails.

Initial troubleshooting

As a first step, we encourage you to check your spam folder. Often, messages are inadvertently directed there, but there are several other possible causes.

If you've determined that there have been recent group communications and they weren't delivered to you, check with other members in your group to see if the problem affects them too.

If you (or just a few other group members) are experiencing the problem, the issue is likely related to your settings or issues with your email provider.

Further troubleshooting

Note: These steps are valid even if your email provider is Yahoo Mail. While the Yahoo Groups and Mail teams work closely together, Groups messages are ultimately subject to the same treatment as all other messages sent to Yahoo Mail users.

  • Check your email settings: Make sure that you're set to “Individual Emails” or “Daily Digest” (rather than “Special Notices” or “No Email”).
  • Did you post the message? Some email providers (most notably Gmail) don't deliver messages which were sent by you.
  • Check your email preferences: If your email status is "Bouncing" (rather than "Normal"), your email provider is not accepting messages sent to your account from Yahoo Groups and we have stopped trying to send you messages.
  • Review your Bounce History: Your Bounce History will show a record of the messages sent from Yahoo Groups which could not be delivered, along with the reason (from your email provider).
  • Contact your email provider: Even if there's nothing in your Bounce History, your email provider may still be the root of problem. Some email providers will simply "drop" messages rather than bouncing them if they think a message is spam, and they are particularly likely to use this approach with bulk messages coming from email lists and groups.