Fix upload issues with the Flickr app

Use these steps and info to help fix upload issues with the Flickr app, whether you're using Auto-Uploadr or uploading photos and videos manually.

Important info about Auto-Uploadr

  • Flickr only looks for items in the device's default photo and video folders.
  • Every photo and video Flickr finds on your device is a candidate for upload.
  • Items already uploaded to Flickr found on your device won't be re-uploaded.

  'Uploadr Processing' taking a while? - It's likely working on a video. 1 video can be like uploading hundreds of photos at once. Additionally, videos need to be optimized for viewing after they're uploaded, which factors into the 'processing' time. Don't be alarmed if it takes 30 minutes to an hour per video.

Steps to fix most upload problems

Check if the problem is resolved before moving from one step to the next.

Update the Flickr app

We often identify issues quickly and push the fix through an app update.

If you're not using the current version of Flickr, go grab the latest build on your device's app store.

Update your operating system

Flickr is designed to work best on the current version of mobile device operating systems. If you're running an old version of the OS, Flickr may not function properly.

Use a stable connection

An unstable or low quality internet connection will cause the upload to stall or fail.

  • If you're having trouble on mobile data, switch to a wifi connection (or visa versa).
  • For Auto-Uploadr - Update your settings to use both Wifi and Cellular.

Don't access Flickr from other mobile devices

During the upload process, if you try to access Flickr from another mobile device, it can interrupt the upload stream.

Enable Background Refresh (iOS only)

Background Refresh on iOS helps Flickr upload content while the app isn't front and center. Here's how to enable it.

  1. Tap the iOS Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Background App Refresh.
  4. Slide "Background App Refresh" to the right, so it's enabled.
  5. Locate "Flickr," then slide the toggle to the right.

Keep the app open (iOS only)

You can use other apps while Flickr is uploading, but if you "quit" Flickr, the app can't upload content.

Don't accidentally do this:

  1. Double-press the device's Home button.
  2. Swipe up on Flickr.

Interact with the app regularly (iOS only)

In order for iOS to consider the app "active," you have to occasionally interact with it. If you're planning to leave Flickr in the background indefinitely, make sure to open the app once a day and interact with it for a few minutes.

Keep videos under 1GB

The upload limit for a video file is 1GB, so make sure your videos are smaller in size.