Create, view, edit, or delete collections in Flickr

Collections convey a story. Each added album or collection contains specific photos in a theme, like cities you visited on a vacation trip. You can create a collection and fill it with either albums or other collections. (The added collections may also have albums contained within them.)

Create a collection

If you haven't created any albums yet, you'll need to create an album to get started.

  1. Mouse over You | select Organize.
  2. Click the Albums & Collections tab.
  3. From the top-left, click Create a new collection.
  4. Enter a title and description, then click Create.
  5. Drag your albums into the collection space on the left.
  6. Click Create Mosaic to set your collection's cover image.
  7. Make any adjustments you'd like and click Save.

View your collections

  1. Mouse over You | Select Albums.
  2. Click View my collections.
  3. Click on the collection you want to view.

Edit or delete a collection

  1. Mouse over You| select Organize.
  2. Click the Albums & Collections tab.
  3. Select a collection listed on the left column and pick from the following:
    • Edit title and description
    • Edit collection mosaic
    • Open collection page
    • Delete collection