Who can download my photos in Flickr?

If your image is publicly visible on the web, anyone viewing it can find ways to download it.

Can I prevent others from downloading my photos?

Change your photo's privacy from public to private. Learn how to make your photos private.

If your photo is publicly viewable, you can only discourage others from downloading it. You can't stop others from downloading images they can publicly view in their web browser.

Discourage downloading

Here are some actions you can take to discourage others from downloading your photos, but remember, by "discourage," we do mean simply "discourage."

  1. Limit access to your "original image."
  2. Limit the size of the image you want others to have access to.
  3. Change your default license to "None."

Creative Commons license

If a Creative Commons license is applied to your photo, the original image can be downloaded by anyone. Learn how to change your default license.