About the Flickr Uploadr for Windows

1,000 GB of free storage lets you store countless images on Flickr. Why let that space go to waste? Download and install the Uploadr today to automatically back up some or all of your photos to your Flickr account, where they're saved privately - so only you can see them.

  Pro-only - Uploadr on desktop is only available for Flickr Pro accounts.

Get familiar with the app

You pick what folders the Uploadr monitors. As you add new photos to the folders, they're automatically uploaded to Flickr as private photos.

1-way sync

Images are only uploaded from your computer to Flickr. It does not sync both ways.

  • Delete images on your computer - Associated images on Flickr are not deleted.
  • Delete images on Flickr - Associated images on your computer are not deleted.

Eligible content to upload

Any unique JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG over 16x16 pixels will be eligible for upload.

No duplicate images

You'll never see extra copies of images on Flickr from the Uploadr. It checks if there's already an exact copy of the photo in your account first. If it finds an exact match, it won't upload it.

If you edit an image on your computer, it becomes "new" and will be uploaded. Edits include:

  • Editing the image with photo editing software
  • Rotating the image
  • Resizing the image
  • Re-compressing the image

Uploads organized by albums

Uploadr keeps your images organized by creating new photo albums on Flickr, based on the original folder's name it uploads from.

Uploadr basics

Now that you know how it works behind the scenes, here's how to get started using the app.

Add and remove watched folders

You pick what folders the Uploadr backs up your images from.

Pause the Uploadr

You can pause the Uploadr at any time. This is especially useful if you're low on bandwidth, like when you're streaming HD video. Learn how to pause the Uploadr.

Sign out of the Uploadr

If you have multiple accounts, you can sign out of the Uploadr and log in with your other credentials anytime you want. Learn how to sign out.