Get started with the iPhone Flickr app

Get the best out of Flickr in the palm of your hand. Explore breathtaking photos, connect with photographers, and share your own experiences on the go.

Address issues you're having

Sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we'd like, but you can often fix most issues you encounter.

Learn how to use the app

Here's what you need to know to get familiar with the Flickr app.

Upload to Flickr - backup and capture photos

You can automatically back up your photos and videos to Flickr or manually upload them.

  • Auto upload - Back up all of your photos and videos automatically and privately, so that only you can see them. Learn how it works.
  • Manual upload - Capture new memories or pick photos and videos you've already taken, then share it with the world! Learn how.

Camera Roll - edit, share, or save your photos

Camera Roll, in your Profile Graphic of a person's silhouette, gives you instant access to everything you've ever uploaded to Flickr.

  • Everything is sorted by date taken (newest first).
  • Scroll down to see the timeline image of the timeline., on the right. Use it to jump to any date.
  • Download items you've uploaded by tapping the Share icon Graphic of right directional arrow, then tap Save.

Here's some other cool things you can do:

Albums - organize your photos and see faves

The app lets you create albums and add or remove photos and videos to them. Learn how.

Groups - join, discuss, or share

You can enjoy the basic Flickr group photo features from the app.

  • Find groups from Search Image of a magnifying glass.
  • Become a group member by tapping Join.
  • Access your joined groups from the Profile Graphic of a person's silhouette.
  • Use the group discussion feature to start a conversation or make a comment.
  • Add photos to your groups by tapping the Share icon Graphic of right directional arrow and then Add to Group.

Explore photos - your contacts and popular

Tap the Feed Image of the feed. to see photos from groups or people you follow, or tap Search Image of a magnifying glass to explore the most popular new additions in the Flickr universe.

  • Tap Fave star to like a photo and add it to your "Favorites" (located in your Albums).
  • Tap the Comment icon conversation bubble to let the photographer know your thoughts.
  • Tap the Search Image of a magnifying glass and enter your search terms to find something specific.

Settings - notifications, upload options, and SafeSearch

Access your Graphic of a gear settings, from the Profile Graphic of a person's silhouette, to customize Flickr.

  • Get notified if someone interacts with you on Flickr.
  • Update your default upload settings.
  • Turn SafeSearch on or off.

  Set your prefs - Learn about your app options.

Things missing from the app

While the app is pretty robust, there are still a number of things you can only do from a computer. Here are some common tasks that require a computer: