Get started with the Android Flickr app

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Use Flickr to explore breathtaking photos from all over the world, meet cool photographers, and share your own experiences. Here's what you need to know to get familiar with the Flickr app.

silhouette in circle Your Profile

Your mobile command center, the profile lets you view and edit all of your content, settings, and groups.

Manage content in the Camera Roll

View and organize everything you've ever uploaded to Flickr. Use the slider on the right to scroll to any date in the blink of an eye.

Browse your content

Swipe left to right to check out different types of content.

  • Camera Roll - See your public and private uploads.
  • Public - See just your public facing content.
  • Albums - See your faves and all of your albums.
  • Groups - Check out photos from your groups' pool.
  • About - Showcase your best in a portfolio.
  • Tag photos - Add descriptive tags so your photos appear in searches.

Adjust your settings

Access your Graphic of three vertical dots settings to customize Flickr. Here are some examples:

  Set your prefs - Learn about your app options.

Square containing triangles and lines The Feed

Check out your contacts' and groups' latest uploads and star fave or conversation bubble comment on ones you like. If the owner allows it, you can even Graphic of three circles joined by lines save, share, or add their content to a group.

magnifying glass Discover new faves

If you're feeling adventurous, Graphic of a magnifying glass explore the most popular new additions to the Flickr universe or search for new content or contacts.

camera Upload on the go

Capture the moment with Flickr or pick photos and videos you've already taken, then share it with the world! Learn how to upload to Flickr.