Share your Flickr albums

Share your view of the world with your friends and family! Whether you want to share a link or host it on a website, it's easy.

Available options

Share a link to the album

Share only public photos in the album:

  1. Mouse over You | select Albums.
  2. Click on any album to open it.
  3. Copy the URL from the web browser's address bar to share.

Share every photo in the album:

You can create a temporary 'Guest Pass' to share all (public and private) of your photos in an album. Visit your 'Guest Pass History' to disable the link at any time.

  1. Mouse over You | select Albums.
  2. Mouse over any album.
  3. Click the Share icon Arrow pointing to the right.
  4. Copy the link to the album to give to your friends or post the link with one of these options:
  5. Click X to return to Flickr.

Animated gif showing how to share an album

Use HTML to embed the album on a site

Embed an entire album of content in a post on your blog or website so that when someone sees the post, they can click through the entire album without ever leaving the webpage.

Learn how to embed an album.

Share a slideshow

While you can't share slideshow directly, anyone who gets a link to your album can simply click the Slideshow button Play button in square within Flickr to sit back and enjoy the show.

Alternatively, you can embed a slideshow with HTML on a site. Learn how.