Flickr group administration options

Group administrators can update the group's look, adjust its settings, and manage its members.

Update your group cover photo or group icon

Your cover photo and group icon represents what your group is about. Pick any safe, public photo.

  1. Mouse over your cover photo or group icon | click the Edit icon Image of the edit cover photo and edit buddy icon button..
  2. Click a photo from the pool, then click Select.
  3. Optionally, drag the image to set the position.
  4. Click Save.

Adjust your group's settings

Access your group settings by clicking Administration on the top of the group page.


Make changes to the members of your group.

About your group

Update your group info so it's easier to find.

  • 18+
    • Indicate if you're allowing "moderate" or "restricted" content
  • Keywords
    • Add or remove keywords to make your group more searchable
  • Your group icon
    • Update the group icon image (see steps above)
  • Flickr web address
    • Define a unique URL for your group
    • This can't be changed
    • The option disapears after you've set a URL
  • Name / URL / Description
    • Change the group name or description
    • Add an external website's URL

Rules and moderation

Change how others interact with your group.

  • Moderating your group
  • Privacy
  • Group rules
    • Set if members need agree to group rules before joining
    • Set or opt out of limiting the number of groups a photo can be submitted to

Delete your group

You can delete your group, as long as you're the admin and last member of the group. Learn how.