Flickr login ID vs Flickr screen name

The name in your Flickr account and the ID that you use to log into Flickr with are two different items and can be spelled differently. Here are some frequently asked questions about this.

What's the difference?

Your login ID is nothing more than the username and password that you log in to Flickr with.

Your Flickr screen name is your public name that everyone sees in Flickr.

  • It's on your profile page.
  • It's your FlickrMail's name.
  • It's how people find you in Flickr.
  • It shows when you make a comment or fave a photo.
  • You even have the option to change your Flickr screen name if you want!

Can someone have the same Yahoo ID as my Flickr screen name?

Why yes, they can!

Since we allow a screen name and login ID to be spelled differently, it's possible that another user logs in to Flickr using the same login ID name as your screen name. Not to worry though - they'll be logging in to an entirely different Flickr account than yours.

Possible combinations of same name screen names / login IDs

In the following scenarios, we'll have two different people - Bob and Sven - and cover the possible variations that can occur with a Flickr screen name and a Flickr login ID.


 Bob's Flickr screen name = "bob"  |  Bob's login ID = A Yahoo ID of "bob"

  • In this case, Bob's screen name and login ID matches, so no one else can have the same login ID as his screen name.
2  Bob's Flickr screen name = "bob"  | Bob's Flickr login ID = A Facebook account

 Sven's Flickr screen name = None  |  Sven's Yahoo ID = "bob"

  • In this case, Sven has the same Yahoo ID as bob's Flickr screen name, but doesn't use Flickr, so he has no Flickr screen name.

 Bob's Flickr screen name = "bob"  |  Bob's login ID = A Yahoo ID of "bobsmith"

 Sven's Flickr screen name = "thorshammer"  |  Sven's login ID = A Yahoo ID of "bob"

  • In this case, Sven's login ID is the same as Bob's screen name, but when Sven logs in, he sees the Flickr account called "thorshammer" instead of "bob."

 Bob's Flickr screen name = "bob"  |  Bob's login ID = a Yahoo ID of "bobsmith"

 Sven's Flickr screen name = "bobsmith"  |  Sven's login ID = A Yahoo ID of "bob"

  • In this case, Bob and Sven's login ID and screen name are exactly the oposite of each other. 

What happens if I use my screen name as a Yahoo ID to log in to Flickr?

If you try to logging in with a Yahoo ID that's not associated with your Flickr screen name, you may end up creating a new Flickr account. If you'd like, you can always change your Flickr login ID.