Fix upload issues with Flickr

Slow uploads, failure to connect, or only partial images are displayed? You can use this guide to get you back in business.

Identify the cause

Known issue with AVG and Avast

AVG and Avast's Web Shield aren't correctly configured for Flickr by default. Here's how to fix it:

  1. Disable the "Link Scanner."
  2. Add "Uploadr" to the exceptions list.

If you need specific steps, contact AVG or Avast. Alternatively, you can temporarily disable them when uploading to Flickr.

Check for network issues

Most connection issues arise due to a problem between your computer and Flickr and are often temporary. Try the following:

  • Briefly power off any broadband modems and routers to reset the network connection.
  • If you connect wirelessly, move your computer closer to the wireless access point, or 'plug in'.
  • If you're connected through a router, try plugging directly into the broadband modem.
    • See your manual for configuration options if the router is slowing or blocking uploads.
    • Also, try lowering your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)  or matching it to your ISP's value.
  • Search our forums to see if there are any specific network hardware incompatibilities.

Check for browser issues

You can see if there's something wrong with your browser by trying another upload method.

  • Upload with another web browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Edge).
  • Upload with the Mac or Windows Uploadr desktop app
  • Upload by email

If you can upload with another method, there's an issue with your browser. Learn how to fix it.