Problems with Yahoo Finance portfolios

While you can resolve most portfolio issues using the steps listed below, we'll also keep you informed of any known issues, under "known issues."

Fix common portfolio problems

Using your portfolios should always be simple and quick, and we know you have more important things to do today than troubleshoot a problem, so let's get to it. Below, we've listed the possible problems you could be seeing with your portfolios, and how you can resolve each.

  1. Are you seeing a problem with how your portfolios function or display information?
  2. Are you missing portfolios or data within portfolios?
    If you have more than one account, inadvertently signing in to the wrong one can make it appear as if you're missing portfolios or data.

  Portfolio data can't be restored - Yahoo Finance is unable to restore any deleted portfolios or portfolio data. To protect against data-loss, you can back up your portfolio's data.

Known issues

Portfolios load slowly when viewed in Firefox with the RoboForm add-on. As a workaround, you can disable the RoboForm add-on.