Problems with Yahoo Finance portfolios

Having problems with portfolios or lists? You can resolve most portfolio issues using the information below. We also list any known issues affecting portfolios and lists.

  List data can't be restored - Yahoo Finance can't restore deleted portfolio lists or data. To protect against data-loss, you can back up your list data.

Fix common portfolio list problems

Problem with how your lists function or display information

You can fix problems with list functionality and performance by completing these browser troubleshooting steps.

Missing lists or data

If you have more than one account, inadvertently signing in to the wrong one can make it look like you're missing portfolio lists or data. Double check that you're signed in to the right account. If you're in the wrong account, sign out and then sign in with the right one.

Known issues

Portfolio lists load slowly when viewed in Firefox with the RoboForm add-on. For faster loading, disable the RoboForm add-on.