Transactional portfolios are closing

On July 22, 2015, transactional portfolios on Yahoo Finance became read-only, meaning transactions can no longer be added, modified, or removed, and new transactional portfolios can no longer be created.

Transactional portfolios will be closed down entirely on or about November 9, 2015.

Are my regular portfolios and watchlists affected?

No. This change only affects transactional portfolios.

How do I tell if I have transactional portfolios?

You'll see a notification at the top of your transactional portfolios.

In the past, you would have manually converted basic portfolios into transactional ones. Transactional portfolios allowed you to manually enter stock, dividend, and cash transactions--to keep a running transaction history.

If you only have regular, watchlist portfolios then you won’t be affected by this change.

Can I still see or download my transaction history?

For a limited time, you’ll be able to view your transaction history. We’re not offering a method to download it. However, you can save your history by copying and pasting it into a spreadsheet program.

Why is Yahoo making this change?

We’ve decided to close transactional portfolios in an ongoing effort to sharpen our focus on building a better Yahoo Finance experience. Part of that focus includes taking a hard look at our existing features, and ensuring our resources are spent with a clear purpose. Ultimately, we want to provide you with the best Finance experience possible.

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