Fix streaming data problems

Are you seeing a problem with quotes data not updating on Yahoo Finance? Follow the steps below to get quotes data streaming again.

Fixing Streaming Quotes

Before moving from one step to the next, test to see if the problem is fixed.

Basic steps

  1. Make sure you're using a supported Web browser
  2. Make sure JavaScript is working properly in your browser.
  3. Temporarily disable anti-virus or security software that might block streaming quotes.

Additional streaming info

  • It's best if you use a broadband connection such as T1, cable, Wi-Fi, or FiOS. Streaming Quotes does not work well with dial-up or ISDN Internet connections.
  • If a Yahoo Finance page has been inactive, Streaming Quotes stops updating data. Refresh the page to start streaming again.
  • Streaming quotes can vary due to other factors, including trading volume, market conditions, and system performance.