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Track transactions in Yahoo Finance with Portfolio 2.0

Keep track of the ticker symbols you're following or holding to keep your financial life organized. Once you've set up stocks to follow through My Portfolio, you'll have access to a variety of Yahoo Finance analytics that will provide you more information about the stocks you're interested. Transactions will record everything you do including buy, sell, sell short and buy to cover.

Create portfolio

  1. Click My Portfolio.
  2. Click Create New Portfolio.
  3. Choose the appropriate option for you | click Continue.
  4. Enter a name.
  5. Enable Add to total holdings.
  6. Choose currency.
  7. Enable Cash management  Image of the toggle button set to the Off position..
  8. Click Create Portfolio.

  Dividends will be automatically imported - After you add a transaction, dividends will show up based on company performance.

Add holdings to your Portfolio

  1. Click on the Portfolio name.
  2. Click Add symbol.
  3. Search for the symbol you want to add.

Add a transaction

  1. Click on the Portfolio you want to add a transaction to.
  2. Click the Menu arrow Image of the right arrow icon. next to the symbol.
  3. Click the Transaction tab.
  4. Click Add a transaction.
  5. Fill in the requested information.
  6. Click Save transaction.

  Stock price is auto populated - The price of the stock will reflect the price based on the date of the transaction.