Change chart and line types in Yahoo Finance for Web

Use charts to visualize price performance of investments over time. Find out what the different charts show and how to switch between them. The last chart type you select will remain the default until you change it again or clear the cookies in your web browser.

  1. Go to Yahoo Finance, and search for a symbol.
  2. In the right corner above the chart, click the Full screen icon Graphic of the expand chart icon..
  3. Click the Chart type menu Image of the Chart type menu..
  4. Select a chart type:
    • Line - Displays the graph of price over time
    • Area - Price with the area colored below the line
    • Candle - Shows the days' open and close
    • Hollow Candle - Shows the days' open, close, and price movement
    • Bar - Shows the days' high and low
    • Colored Bar - Shows the days' high, low, and price direction