Track cash or private equities in a portfolio list

Track cash or private equity holdings in a portfolio list. Learn how to add them to a list in Yahoo Finance.

Add cash or private equities to a list

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Click the list you want to edit under My Portfolio & Markets.
  3. Click My Holdings.
  4. Click Add Symbol.
  5. Enter $$CASH in the "Find a Quote" field, and press Enter.
    - $$CASH is added to the list.
  6. Click Add lot.
  7. In the "Shares" field, enter the number of dollars.
  8. In the "Price per Share" field, enter 1.
  9. Click Done.

Customize cash symbols

You can customize the cash/private equity symbols you use to fit your needs (like $$DEBT, $$EQUITY, $$EARNINGS). When customizing, use alphanumeric characters only -- don't use special characters (like @, %, &, /).