Report correction for news article on Yahoo Finance

Did you encounter an inaccuracy in a news article, blog, or video on Yahoo Finance? Here's how you can report this for correction.

Report a correction to a publisher

Most of the news articles on Yahoo Finance are aggregated content from providers like AP and Reuters, while individual press releases are published by companies. Here's how to find the publisher of a given article, and contact them.

  1. Find the publisher's byline on the news article or video in question.
    - This is usually listed at the top of the content (like "AP" for "Associated Press").
  2. If the byline is a link, click it to go to the publisher's website.
  3. Contact the publisher using the means provided on their website.

Report a correction to Yahoo

Yahoo Finance does offer some original content, and if you'd like to report a correction on any of it, you can do so by emailing

Please include the following in your email:

  • The name of the Yahoo original program you're reporting the correction for. If you're not sure, check the article or video byline.
  • The URL of the content in question.
  • A description of the inaccuracy you're reporting.

While we can't reply directly to all emails, we will review every one.