Getting started with the Yahoo Finance app for Android

Get financial news and real-time data on your Android smartphone or tablet. View the information that matters to you in lists that you organize. Search for quotes and make trades by linking to your brokerage accounts.

Research financial info for symbols

Find data and news for symbols

  1. On the Home tab, tap the Search icon Image of the Search icon..
  2. Enter a ticker symbol or its name in the Search box.
  3. Tap the symbol you want to view.

Look up special types of ticker symbols

View and manage your lists and symbols

Link and trade holdings in your brokerage accounts

Make in-app trades in Yahoo Finance after you link a brokerage account. Your holdings in a linked account are in a list on the Home tab.

Keep current on important financial news and trends

  • Check the News tab for the top financial news headlines.
  • The Explore tab has featured lists compiled by Yahoo Finance.
  • The Markets tab tracks performance of the global indices and their significant changes.