Overview of the Yahoo Fantasy app

You're never far from the action with the Yahoo Fantasy app. Whether you're in it for the full season or just want to play one-off games, you can keep in touch with your league members, take part in a draft, swap out players, make trades, and stay in control.

Take Yahoo Fantasy and Daily Fantasy on the road with you

Jump into a season-long game of Yahoo Fantasy with your friends, co-workers, or people from around the world. You'll take the helm of your very own set of professional players and compete against others to see which player set has what it takes to win at the end of the season.

If you don't feel like waiting all season to win, you don't have to! Daily Fantasy contests are shorter contests that let you flaunt your sports knowledge and win money at the same time. Set your winning lineup, track your progress, and manage your funds on the go.

Get started on the Home screen

From the Home screen, access your settings, check out the latest sports news, flip between different sports or your active leagues, join or create a league, check out your profile, join a Mock Draft, and more.

Manage your players

Tap one of your active games from the Home screen to manage your players.

  • Join a live draft
  • Claim players off waivers
  • Add or drop players from your roster
  • Edit your Team name or League settings
  • Add or remove players from your watchlist
  • Trade players with other managers in your league
  • Keep your lineup fresh by starting and benching players

Chat with your private league

Keep in touch with your league, no matter where you are. Send images, GIFs, or good old fashioned smack talk to your entire league or 1:1 to a league mate. You can even leverage the chat feature as a great tool for facilitating trades with your league's fellow managers. Chat is only available in private leagues so you don’t have to worry about anyone but your closest friends trolling your recent loss.